Taming AI to explore global phenomena

Machine Learning for Prediction Cultural Analytics

Various factors may contribute to the rise of global movements, like Hallyu or the Korean Wave. These could include support from the Korean government for its creative industries or be associated with the opportunities presented by social media platforms. Yet, global movements’ rapid and wild development will always hold an element of mystery. While we can’t fully explain the “human factor” and the magic behind the birth of a global movement, can we harness data on their spread, impact, and intensity across different regions in recent decades to anticipate their future trajectory?

A geo-visualisation application called Data to Power, designed to measure, map, and predict soft power—the ability to attract, engage, and influence—has successfully tested a predictive analytics tool to address precisely these questions. A mapping application employs a prediction model known as linear regression. This model relies on a supervised machine learning algorithm to analyse various data sets as numeric input values, ultimately predicting outcomes. By leveraging machine learning, the Data to Power mapping application utilises a wealth of previously collected data from open and closed institutional channels. This data is used to formulate a predictive model, transforming data analysis into a robust data intelligence system.

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Books by Dr Natalia Grincheva.

Pioneering Research and Thought Leadership

Dr Natalia Grincheva has pioneered academic scholarship on Digital Museum Diplomacy, a field of academic studies that did not exist a decade ago. This focused research expertise is globally recognized in academia where Dr Grincheva’s research enjoys a dedicated unique niche. She is a prolific researcher with over 40 publications, including research articles, book chapters, and reports in prominent academic outlets. She has authored two monographs: Museum Diplomacy in the Digital Age (2020) and Global Trends in Museum Diplomacy (2019), both published by Routledge. Her work explores innovative forms and global trends in contemporary museology and international cultural relations.

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Multidisciplinary Proficiencies and Impact

With a wealth of experience in academia and industry, Dr Natalia Grincheva is skilled in teaching, designing, and coordinating academic subjects, as well as supervising HRD. Her expertise extends to research leadership, industry collaborations, and fostering international connections. Dr Grincheva's work reflects her commitment to advancing the fields of museology, digital diplomacy, and international cultural relations.

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Academic Engagements


Inspiring Global Conversations and Connections

Dr Natalia Grincheva is actively involved in various engagements that showcase her expertise and dedication to her field. She has shared her knowledge and experience through media and professional blog articles, conference presentations, keynote addresses, invited talks, and academic guest lectures. Natalia has also participated in international panels, seminars, and symposiums, demonstrating her commitment to collaboration and research leadership. As a distinguished academic, her work in academic peer review further contributes to the advancement of her field.

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Sharing Knowledge and Mentoring Future Leaders

Dr Natalia Grincheva is an accomplished educator with extensive experience in teaching and mentoring students at various academic levels. She has designed and delivered courses on museology, cultural diplomacy, cultural policy, and international relations at leading universities and institutions worldwide. Dr Grincheva's teaching philosophy emphasizes Community Building, Digital Literacy and Work Integrated Learning. Through her teaching and mentoring, she seeks to inspire the next generation of cultural leaders and scholars who use innovative methods to address real life problems and are courageous to experiment and propose new solutions.

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Dr Natalia Grincheva

Scholar with a wide international focus and background

Dr Natalia Grincheva is an internationally recognized expert in contemporary museology, digital diplomacy, and international cultural relations. She has received numerous prestigious academic awards, including Fulbright, Quebec Fund, Australian Endeavour, and SOROS research grant. Dr Grincheva's professional engagements include her dedicated work for the International Fund for Cultural Diversity at UNESCO (2011) and International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (2011–2015), her research industry placement at ACMI X creative hub at the Australian Center for the Moving Image (2017–2019) as well as service for the international Cultural Research Network (CRN) (2018–2020) and research consultancy for ICR Research, based in London (2020-present).

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